Loyalty program - Collecting points for Hair salons

A modern and fun loyalty program for hair salons.. Proven gamification loyalty system - collecting cards. "Every 10th cup of coffee is free"

Collection of motivational points

VIP membership

Communicating with the customer in a modern way

Playful and popular loyalty model

Custom collecting game setup

Simple form

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Loyalty program Collecting points

Why is this model so popular? Are people really happy with just one free coffee? Not so completely. People like to collect things because it gives them endorphins. Whether it's stones, stickers, artificial characters, stickers, or even postage stamps. We have always enjoyed the joy of collecting, even without a real reward. The mere collection and subsequent fulfillment of the goal is often stronger than the reward itself. However, the reward plays an important role in the motivation to start collecting points. Set the number and form of the reward exactly according to your wishes. Give your customers a little joy and they will reward you with regular visits.

Everyone is looking for their favorite hairdresser. Become him. Give your customers an extra reason to be your loyal customer, even if they open a new hair salon next door. Set up an exceptional loyalty program that will turn your customers into exceptional guests. Treat them to benefits that a regular customer does not have and create your own VIP club.

Loyalty system key values for hair salons

Own loyalty program

Choose the program that suits you best: Collecting points, discounts, special offers, cashback, competitions and others...

Without connecting to the checkout

Begin your loyalty program immediately. You can manage everything through the online application on your mobile device, eliminating the need for installation or connection to a cash register.

Communication with customers

Stay in touch with your customers, even after they leave. Thanks to automated communication, you are in contact with all members and in a positive connection

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How does it work?

Step 01
Step 01

The customer registers in your loyalty system with one click

Step 02
Step 02

When paying, he shows the operator his unique identifier ( QR code ), which the operator scans with his mobile phone

Step 03
Step 03

All done. Both the customer and the operator can see on their devices what the customer got / what the operator has to do

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Important loyalty program features for hair salons

Additional loyalty modules for hair salons

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Are you a business owner? Try a FREE loyalty system for your business