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Loyalty program:

Reward for payments

Paying with joy "We count every payment. If you spend more than 100 euros, you get a coupon,,
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About the loyalty program - Reward for payments

Do you want your customers to experience the joy of every purchase from you? With BonusQR it is possible. Just as people on e-shops often buy more to get free shipping, you can create a similar effect in your services. Customers do not like to spend money, but at the same time they love the feeling of a bargain purchase. The price remains the same, but the shopping experience changes. Just set the required amount and the coupon that the customer will receive as a reward. This model will help you win the hearts of your customers, present your portfolio of services and even attract new customers.

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The most popular versions of the loyalty program Reward for payments:

"For 100 points, you get a bottle of wine" We reward you with points for each payment (1 euro = 1 point) When you collect 100 points, you get a bottle of quality wine from our quality Slovak winemaker. You can use the voucher for free wine at any time when eating in our restaurant. Choose a wine according to your taste and enjoy a moment with friends at our expense.

"For 50 points, you get a coupon for a paraffin hand wrap" We appreciate that you trust our hands. For 50 euros that you invest in your beauty and health, we will give you a coupon that will relax not only your hands, but also your mind. You can use the paraffin hand wrap at any time before or after the date for which you ordered.

"For 100 points, you get a ticket for group exercises. " We are glad that you put your health in the hands of our clinic. We appreciate your regular visits, so for every 100 points you collect with us, you get a ticket worth 20 euros for all our group exercises. You can use the ticket at any time according to the available dates, or dedicate it to your loved ones.

"Collect 40 points and get entry to the salt yakine" For every euro you pay with us, you get one point back. Collect 40 points and immediately get a healthy ticket to the salt cellar. You can use the ticket at any time according to the available capacities, or you can gift it to your friends.
Restaurant: for 100 points, wine
Salon: For 50 points, wrap
Rehabilitation: For 100 points, ticket
Wellness: For 40 points, salt cave

Loyalty program Reward for payments - suitable for segments:

Key values of the loyalty module reward for payments

Own loyalty program

Choose the program that suits you best: Collecting points, discounts, special offers, cashback, competitions and others...

Without connecting to the checkout

Begin your loyalty program immediately. You can manage everything through the online application on your mobile device, eliminating the need for installation or connection to a cash register.

Communication with customers

Stay in touch with your customers, even after they leave. Thanks to automated communication, you are in contact with all members and in a positive connection

Are you a business owner? Try a FREE loyalty system for your business