Loyalty program Discounted price list for regular customers

Loyalty program:

Discounted price list for regular customers

Offer only for club members. "Special homemade lemonades at discounted prices, only for members of the loyalty club,"
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About the loyalty program - Discounted price list for regular customers

Treat your loyal customers to a feeling of excellence and the joy of a bargain purchase. What happens if you include items in your price list that are only available to loyalty club members ? This step will definitely increase interest in membership in your loyalty program. In addition, you will assure the active members of your loyalty system that being part of your club is really worth it. The result will be the growth of a satisfied clientele, the acquisition of positive references and, of course, an increase in sales.

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The most popular versions of the loyalty program Discounted price list for regular customers:

""Members of the loyalty club receive a 50% discount on our homemade lemonades." This promotion is applicable to all our homemade lemonades. The regular price is €6.50 for 0.5l. However, the price for our loyal customers is €3.25 for 0.5l.

""Up to 25% discount on the most popular packages" This price list is exclusively for our loyal customers. It includes discounted prices for our top 5 most popular wraps. The price list is also applicable to pen purchases, where the prices are even more favorable.

""Regular workshops with experts for club members only" refers to popular workshops that are conducted by experts, specialists, and media personalities, which are exclusively available to club members. Information regarding the terms and conditions for becoming a member, as well as other benefits of the club, can be found on the website.

""A 5-course tasting menu is exclusively available for our loyalty club members." Each month, we curate new tasting courses. We value the feedback of our most loyal customers, as their opinions assist us in determining which dishes to include in our permanent menu.
Cafe: Lemonades for half
Salon: Special Price List for Loyal Customers
Courses: Workshops Exclusively for Members
Restaurant: The tasting menu is exclusively for members.

Loyalty program Discounted price list for regular customers - suitable for segments:

Key values of the loyalty module discounted price list for regular customers

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Choose the program that suits you best: Collecting points, discounts, special offers, cashback, competitions and others...

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Begin your loyalty program immediately. You can manage everything through the online application on your mobile device, eliminating the need for installation or connection to a cash register.

Communication with customers

Stay in touch with your customers, even after they leave. Thanks to automated communication, you are in contact with all members and in a positive connection

Are you a business owner? Try a FREE loyalty system for your business