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Loyalty discounts

The well-deserved feeling of a bargain purchase, only for loyal customers, 10% discount for all loyal customers
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About the loyalty program - Loyalty discounts

Regular discounts that are just handed out to everyone without any strings attached are not really discounts. This is how customers perceive them. Move to a strategy of providing benefits that will be of real value to your customers. Favor only those loyal customers so that they feel that they are special to you and that you really value their loyalty. Their regular visits and recommendations will definitely pay you back. Moreover, your database of loyal customers will grow every day.

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The most popular versions of the loyalty program Loyalty discounts:

"25% discount for loyal customers when purchasing a pen" The discount can be applied to all types of pen, including the salt cave. The purchase of a pen is possible only in the name of a member of the loyalty club.

"15% discount for all members of our club" You can apply the discount to the entire account, including the purchase of ground and coffee beans. The discount also applies to the order of desserts.

"10% discount for members of the loyalty club on all hair products" The discount is also valid for procedures and wraps, which are listed as additional in the price list. The loyalty discount cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions.

"20% discount for club members on the purchase of wine from our family winery" You can apply the discount when buying whole bottles, either when eating in a restaurant or when buying bottles to take away.
Sauna: 25% discount on permanent items
Cafe: 15% discount for club members
Hairdressing: 10% discount on products
Restaurant: 20% discount on wine

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Key values of the loyalty module loyalty discounts

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Begin your loyalty program immediately. You can manage everything through the online application on your mobile device, eliminating the need for installation or connection to a cash register.

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Stay in touch with your customers, even after they leave. Thanks to automated communication, you are in contact with all members and in a positive connection

Are you a business owner? Try a FREE loyalty system for your business